Lori Ballance represents airports throughout California with a focus on airport-related planning, including issues related to airport master plans, airport layout plans, and state and federal regulations regarding air quality, endangered species, hazardous waste laws and regulations, water quality, noise, funding sources and related rules and regulations. Her representation of airports includes work involving FAA orders, policies and guidance; CEQA, NEPA, and the Hawaii Environmental Policy Act; airport land use commission (ALUC) matters; and other related environmental law matters, such as those arising under the federal Clean Air Act and Airport Noise and Capacity Act.

For many years, Lori has served as special counsel to the County of Orange for issues at John Wayne Airport involving noise; commercial air carrier, cargo and general aviation access, including related airline leases; CEQA and NEPA compliance; air quality permitting; and other matters pertaining to federal, state and local airport regulation. She has also served as special counsel to the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority for environmental and land use compatibility matters relating to San Diego International Airport. Lori represents numerous other airport proprietors, including, among others, the City of San Jose (proprietor of Mineta San José International Airport), the Monterey Peninsula Airport District (proprietor of Monterey Regional Airport), and the Ontario International Airport Authority (proprietor of Ontario International Airport).