Otay Land v. U.E. Limited, LP

GDB represented land development firms that previously owned property used as a shooting range in a cost recovery action seeking site remediation costs associated with remediation of lead and other alleged contaminants.  The firm successfully defended federal court claims brought under CERCLA and RCRA in both the United States District Court and Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal.  GDB then defended a subsequent state court action brought pursuant to HSAA, and obtained a defense judgment after a lengthy court trial.  Following an appeal, and appellate court decision that upheld critical aspects of the trial court decision, GDB resolved the matter on terms favorable to its clients. (Otay Land Co., LLC v. UE Limited, L.P. (2017) 15 Cal.App.5th; Otay Land Co. v. U.E. Ltd. LP (2006) 440 F.Supp.2d 1152.)