FAA Rules & Regulations

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) promulgates regulations, orders, advisory circulars and guidance that establish important benchmarks when operating and improving public use airports. GDB’s attorneys are familiar with navigating the FAA’s web of agency documentation, and advise the firm’s clients on numerous FAA compliance issues. For example, the firm has provided counsel on the FAA’s design standards for airport facilities, grant assurances, revenue diversion policy, airport rates and charges policy, NEPA orders, and noise and access policies.

In advising its clients on FAA rules & regulations, GDB strives to provide its clients with the necessary legal support for every aspect of airport operation, such as:  the negotiation of leases and contracts with airport concessionaires, commercial & cargo airlines and fixed-base operators; the use of airport revenue for facilities improvements; the compliance of an airport’s airfield design with safety standards; the environmental implications of aeronautical operations and related improvements, including as to noise and historic resources; and, the ability to work with the FAA to be a “good neighbor” to local communities. The firm has experience working with the FAA’s Western-Pacific Region Airports Division office, as well as FAA staff located in Washington, D.C.