Air Quality

GDB supports its clients’ objectives by providing in-depth support on matters of air quality that emerge during environmental compliance and permitting processes. 

Significant portions of California suffer from poor air quality that does not comply with federal and state ambient air quality standards. This often prompts inquiries regarding the likelihood of proposed projects to further exacerbate an air basin’s “nonattainment” status. GDB attorneys work with technical consultants to respond to such inquiries by preparing air quality impact assessments and mitigation strategies for proposed projects subject to CEQA and NEPA compliance, as informed by both the federal and California Clean Air Acts and other related regulatory frameworks. 

More specifically, the firm works with consultants to prepare criteria air pollutant emission inventories; health risk assessments that study the consequences of project-related toxic air contaminants; health effect studies that estimate the consequences of project-related criteria air pollutants; carbon monoxide hotspot reports; general conformity determinations; and, air quality management plan consistency evaluations. GDB often brings together experts in multiple technical fields, such as transportation, to address the intersection of emissions generation with vehicle travel patterns. 

Because air quality impacts, particularly for large projects, often are unavoidable, GDB works with its clients and technical consultants to develop feasible emission reduction strategies for the various sources contributing to the emissions stream profile. GDB relatedly interfaces with regional air quality management and control districts during CEQA and NEPA processes, and permitting processes, to ensure compliance with all applicable air district rules.