Public University and College Campus Planning

GDB has experience assisting the State of California’s higher education system with the preparation of CEQA-compliant environmental review documents for education-related projects. 

For over 30 years, GDB has worked directly with college campuses and through environmental consultants in the preparation of CEQA documents required to gain necessary approvals to implement higher education-related projects, including student enrollment increases and the construction of classrooms, student housing, and athletic facilities. GDB’s experience includes projects affiliated with the University of California, California State University, and various community colleges.

As a result of that experience, GDB understands the necessary level of CEQA review that is required for any given project, whether it be a categorical exemption, negative declaration, or EIR, and to that end works closely with the campuses and consultants to prepare the appropriate documents. Additionally, when appropriate, GDB can act in the capacity of master consultant, assembling individual technical expertise from multiple environmental consulting firms and, as a result, put together an “all star” consultant team not limited to one firm. 

GDB attorneys have substantial experience and expertise in those environmental areas most controversial relative to the communities surrounding college campuses, including transportation, noise, and aesthetics. Through this expertise, this firm is able to assist consultants in preparing comprehensive documents for public review, adequately responding to community concerns and, when necessary, defending the subject documents in litigation.