GDB has extensive experience working not only within the legal framework of CEQA’s and NEPA’s requirements relative to transportation analysis, but also within the technical framework of the analysis. GDB has gained this expertise by working closely with preeminent transportation consultants in California, including Fehr & Peers, Stantec Engineering, and Linscott Law & Greenspan. This “hands on” experience has resulted in GDB attorneys becoming fully knowledgeable of the technical engineering components of transportation analyses, thereby resulting in analyses that are both well written and readily understood, with the goal of technical and legal adequacy.

Relatedly, GDB has worked jointly with transportation consultant Fehr & Peers in the preparation of transportation impact study manuals for state and local agencies in response to the recent change in CEQA from the previously required LOS analysis to the newly mandated VMT analysis. This change in the law has completely re-envisioned the way CEQA transportation analyses are conducted, and GDB attorneys are fully versed in the law’s recent changes and, as a result, have been called upon by technical consultants to help navigate through the related legal challenges associated with the changes in the law.

The firm also assists its clients in building relationships with agencies having jurisdiction over transportation and transit infrastructure, and working with those same agencies to delineate appropriate and effective mitigation strategies for transportation-related impacts.